Moon By You

Rock, Soul, Pop
Location: Portland

Moon By You, doo-wop cosmonauts of Portland, Oregon, have landed on Planet Rock and Roll with a mission. They push the boundaries of the millennial psychedelic revival to honor the '50s and '60s era artists who made the scene possible. Moon by You’s sound is akin to a spaceship landing in a swamp while Elvis’ ghost croons from a cypress tree under a full moon. Lead vocalist and front woman Sarah Q guides the band over desert landscapes and dreamworlds that are fresh and innovative. Moon By You harmonizes, experiments with their instrumental lineup, and mystifies audiences during their live performances. Through sound, we time travel with Moon By You, out from the dingy basement, hipster bar or backyard party to a place where Little Richard communes with Buddha and the Goddess of Moon sips quicksilver wine, holding revelers in her hand. Moon By You