Force Publique

Electronic, Pop
Location: Portland

Merging droning, distorted guitar tones with off-kilter, atmospheric hip-hop beats, Portland-based (via Denver) Force Publique create songs that are equal parts mood and melody. The duo began when guitarist and singer Cassie McNeil approached producer James Wayne in search of new textures and rhythms that only electronics could provide. What they created bridges the past and present of the Pacific Northwest’s musical tastes, absorbing grunge and shoegaze into the dark, bass-heavy beats currently found in the region’s underground. The group’s new release—the six-song Bloom cassette—follows on the heels of 2014’s Pure EP, bringing a greater focus on pop structures and songwriting without compromising the crushing sonics of the latter. Force Publique is an accomplished live band and has opened for acts like A Place To Bury Strangers, Cold Cave, The Soft Moon, Young Prisms and oOoOO. Force Publique