Dream Wulf

Location: Portland

In just 10 months, Dream Wulf have found their fierce, psychedelic sound and turned it up to 11 on their debut LP, All Things Unconsidered. With powerful female vocals, face-melting guitar riffs, intricate time signatures, and captivating, murky undertones, it’s a teetering synergy of a positive message with a dark delivery. Magnetically charged, their live performances are bewitching and dreamy, radiating a unified intensity that lives up to their pack name. For fans of Jefferson Airplane, Queens of the Stone Age, All Them Witches and Black Sabbath, celebrate the release of All Things Unconsidered at the Alberta Street Pub with Queen Chief and Fire Nuns on Saturday, December 21—plus look for it on vinyl this spring!

Upcoming Shows


  • Dream Wulf: "Blue Dream"


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