Coloring Electric Like

Electronic, Rock
Location: Portland

Portland-based Coloring Electric Like combines the heavily effected guitar of shoegaze rock with synth-driven sounds and beats from trip-hop and industrial influences. Layers of guitar and multiple drum and synth loops have drive and edge, while a backdrop of lush synth and strings are sublimely orchestral. The result is a sonic landscape with provocative female vocals. The duo produces a sound that is surprisingly big with a haunting feel and danceable groove. Benjamin Bowman hails from Indianapolis and came to Portland for the purpose of carving out his musical sound, while Mia Chemello had been in several Portland bands but was always searching for that sound. Bowman and Chemello met musically prior to meeting in-person, by writing, recording, file swapping and mixing what became their first joint effort, the song "Bleed It Out." Subsequently meeting and working together made them realize that they had found their other musical half. They have been working on writing and recording a catalog of sounds as Coloring Electric Like since 2010. Coloring Electric Like


  • Coloring Electric Like: "I Know You"