Location: Portland

Coastlands started as a collaboration between Jason Sissoyev and Nick Fisher in 2011, with Jordan Householder joining the group in 2014. Creating an ephemeral shape and form of the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest in the take-it-or-leave-it tradition of ambient music, they found common ground in their penchant for bizarre recording techniques and unexpected instrumentation while individually offering a range of obscure skills and artistry. Sissoyev's trademark glitchy percussion and use of a violin bow to create ambience is punctuated by Fisher's perfecting technique and manipulating effects to achieve astral and lucid resonance. Householder, with a musical upbringing in metal and hardcore, brings a heavy influence of both dissonant and capacitating sounds. Inspired by space and nature, Coastlands creates unmatched soundscapes that one can quickly fall victim to, much like the trance of a beloved, nebulous melancholy. Capturing the aesthetics of hope void of expectations and the sorrows that accompany compassion, their songs create a cocoon of solace and reprieve. Coastlands records in a small home studio in SE Portland. Coastlands


  • Coastlands: "The Scarlet Thread"