Arkham Sunset

Location: Portland

A spiritual successor to January’s experimental Ghost Culture EP, No Safe Distance is the result of electronic producer Gerry Hathaway’s first two months spent in isolation in the wake of Covid-19. In keeping with the artist’s modus operandi, the new EP is an eclectic mix, with shades of krautrock, darkwave, techno and industrial throughout. Fellow PDX-based electronic solo artists Doppler Affection and Phaedo provide additional synths and arrangements for what is the darkest Arkham Sunset release to date. For fans of Tangerine Dream, TOY and John Carpenter, No Safe Distance is out June 11—find it on Spotify and Bandcamp.


  • Arkham Sunset: "Dystopian Pleasures"


  • Arkham Sunset: 'Ghost Culture' [Album]
  • Arkham Sunset: 'Dystopian Pleasures' [Album]