Arkham Sunset

Location: Portland

Dystopian Pleasures is the debut solo album of Portland-based electronic producer Gerry Hathaway (bass player in local sci-fi dream pop power trio Masonique). Made exclusively with a wide array of hardware synthesizers and drum machines, Dystopian Pleasures is a personal exploration of self-awareness, navigating through the unavoidable confusion, loneliness and doubt prevalent in the modern world—ultimately discharging the negativity into the ether. Trading convention for anachronism, Dystopian Pleasures guides the listener through a dark, synthetic landscape where sound is vision in a world without a guiding light. For fans of Zombi, S U R V I V E, Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre, stream Dystopian Pleasures on all major digital platforms now and get it on vinyl via Bandcamp.


  • Arkham Sunset: "Dystopian Pleasures"


  • Arkham Sunset: 'Dystopian Pleasures' [Album]
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