The Future of What Chats with Futurebirds at Pickathon 2016 [Video Premiere]

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With the 2017 festival just around the corner, we look forward by looking back at an interview with Athens Americana rockers and Portia Sabin of The Future of What as they talk about life in the music biz at Pendarvis Farm last August.

Photo by Anthony PidgeonPhoto by Anthony PidgeonFrom spending close to half the year on the road to working with new record labels to making "dozens of dollars a week" (and almost paying their bills each month), the friendly Futurebirds are almost a decade into their career as a band and have three studio records under their belts. Having achieved all this, they are still not living the stereotypical rock star lifestyle.

"People think that because you're having fun that it's not hard," the band told Portia Sabin of The Future of What at Pickathon last August. "Yeah, I'm having fun. But it's also something that's extremely challenging, and really hard and trying—mentally and physically."

Relentlessly staying busy, creating and playing music as well as handling the business side of the band, being a musician is all about pushing your edges.

Watch the conversation below and get ready for this year's Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm from August 3 to 6!

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