The Cabin Project: "Crows" [Video Premiere]

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With the help of director Dawn Jones Redstone, The Cabin Project bring their song “Crows” to life in their latest video, which features dancer Jasmin Trotter. The band will celebrate the video's release on March 31 at the White Eagle.

The Cabin Project's latest LP, Unfolded, has been in my playlist rotation since its release last June. The record has a dynamic range that moves from honest intimacy to soaring anthems, and their latest video for the song "Crows" is no different. Drummer Zanny Geffel and lead singer/guitarist Katie Sawicki teamed up with director Dawn Jones Redstone to create a striking visual representation of the new single. The band and director were kind enough to invite me to breakfast at Bridges Café on MLK for an interview and more insight into the video.

"We already had the basic vision for the symbolism of the video. The lyrics of the song move from light to dark as a representation of personal evolution," Sawicki says. Jones Redstone expressed the importance of having subtle visual cues to help tell the story throughout the video, something the band readily recognizes. The ballerina in the video, portrayed by dancer Jasmin Trotter, goes from what Geffel calls "refined to real." She continues, "Throughout the video you can see Jasmine's hair go from done up and pinned back to down and free." Another representation of personal progress is shown through the color change of Trotter's leotard.

What is captivating about the video is the juxtaposition of the forest setting with the band’s energetic performance and the simplicity of a lone dancer. The Cabin Project have created the perfect counterpart to an already moving song with this new video.

Be sure to catch the band this Friday, March 31 at the White Eagle Saloon (with a little help from Maurice & The Stiff Sisters and The Loved) for the celebration of the “Crows” video release. You can also hear Luke Neill’s interview with The Cabin Project on Portland Radio Project from last year’s broadcast about the release of 'Unfolded.'

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