Strange Hotels: 'Jacknife' [Song Premiere]

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Put on your dancing shoes for an electrified new cut from the Portland duo, then catch 'em at the Jack London Revue with Royal Jelly Jive on October 13 or at the Doug Fir with Autonomics and Gold Casio on November 20.

There's something so smooth and snug about the sometimes funky, sometimes R&B-tinged dance pop heard on Strange Hotels six-song debut Mixtape, released on the first day of 2018. Now as the year starts to wind down, the pair of Nick Sadler and Ben Braden are back with a fresh, electrified cut.

"Jacknife" was recorded "completely on phones and tablets over the past few months" and "inspired by dancing at late-night clubs in Portland and L.A.," Braden tells. "We found ourselves at a lot of places playing EDM and we tried to recreate some of that feel with real performances on live instruments."

The result is a deliciously danceable track that'll be up your alley if you indulge in the catalogue of DFA Records (specifically Holy Ghost!) or Chromeo. Part of the duo's forthcoming Mixtape II, "We are still experimenting as a band and are trying different sounds and feels in the studio, so for the time being we like to think of our releases as mixtapes, without having to fit them into the label of being an album. But basically it’s a fancy way of saying EP," Braden explains.

Recorded this past June at their Sellwood studio, "We actually record and produced it all on tablets, phones and iPads, using a slightly ramshackle process involving several apps working in concert. We don’t really need a studio this way, just a room. This way we can find time to record basically anywhere including on the road."

Find Strange Hotels out late at local clubs like the Jack London Revue with Royal Jelly Jive on Saturday, October 13 or opening for the incredible all-local, Dan Cable Presents bill featuring Autonomics and Gold Casio at the Doug Fir on Tuesday, November 20.

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