Small Leaks Sink Ships: 'Dancing Devil' [New Song]

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Listen to an asymmetrical new cut from the experimental rockers and catch them performing a free show at the White Owl on May 25—which'll kick off Memorial Day weekend's waterfront What Was Sound fest on May 27.

The orchestral, experimental rockers Small Leaks Sink Ships have been hanging around Portland for a few years now. Just like their idiosyncratic, cinematic songs crescendo, climax and spiral into far-flung musical depths, Small Leaks Sink Ships have been meandering and building towards something.

That something will be a future full-length release (Golden Calf due out late August), but first the guys are offering up a seven-inch via Lefse Records, which is out on June 2. “Dancing Devil” is side A from the forthcoming Antipode single.

Written, recorded and mixed at the band's personal studio last summer, "At the time we were experimenting with a ton of digital beats and samples, resulting in a more minimal, high-energy track," says vocalist and drummer London Van Rooy. "The whole song originally stems from a layered vocal loop that you hear in the very beginning of the song."

"'Dancing Devil' is about falling victim to our own temptations and wanting to blame something else for it," he continues. "Lyrically using the depiction of the devil as described in the Garden of Eden to emphasize the possibility of how evil works or how evilness may work its way into the human psyche... ultimately reverting to a feeling of wanting more."

Listen below and find yourself dancing to the progressive sounds of Small Leaks Sink Ships at a free show at the White Owl Social Club on Thursday, May 25, which'll kick off Memorial Day weekend and the waterfront What Was Sound fest—featuring DIIV, Woods, El Ten Eleven, Fruit Bats, Small Leaks Sink Ships, Bed., JUJUBA and Sunbathe as part of the Portland Rose Festival on Saturday, May 27. And there's more #PDXmusic action at Vortex II on Sunday, May 28.

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