Oregon artPAC Endorses 10 Candidates in Advance of May Elections

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Primary elections aren't until May 20, but keep the following candidates in mind if you're arts minded.

The Oregon artPAC Endorsement Advisory Council—including notable advocates for the arts, creative industry and music like former mayors Sam Adams and Vera Katz, Pink Martini band leader Thomas Lauderdale, and Wieden+Kennedy founder Dan Wieden—met with 16 regional candidates earlier this month at Portland's Gerding Theater.

After in-person interviews, the volunteer-run council endorsed the following 10 Portland metro area officials, "encouraging all voters who value the role of arts and culture in our communities to support these candidates with both their votes and dollars," artPAC states in its official press release.

Nick Fish (Portland City Council)
Dan Saltzman (Portland City Council)
Deborah Kafoury (Multnomah County Chair)
Jim Francesconi (Multnomah County Chair)
Jules Bailey (Multnomah County Commissioner)
Allen Amabisca (Washington County Chair)
Elizabeth Furse (Washington County Commissioner) 
Greg Malinowski (Washington County Commissioner)
Jim Bernard (Clackamas County Commissioner)
Paul Savas (Clackamas County Commissioner)

May 20 is a little ways off, but artPAC and Vortex urge you to remember the above candidates who will be up for election then.

Portland-area voters have a history of supporting arts eduction, including the 2012 passage of the Arts Education and Access Fund ballot measure that has helped to "restore arts and music education to every Portland elementary school and improve access to the arts in every classroom and community," artPAC says. 

“artPAC is about arts and culture action and accountability," Sam Adams says. "The ongoing work of artPAC helped build the foundation of support that passed the Portland ballot measure that rehired arts and music teachers back into local elementary schools.”

Oregon artPAC, which stands for Oregon Arts and Culture Political Action Committee,  "continues to advocate for public funding to support arts education, artists and arts and culture institutions," and so does Vortex Music Magazine because we believe that the vibrant music community and culture that is alive in Portland today deserves to prosper.

Pictured above: Grant graduate and Pink Martini band leader Thomas Lauderdale is a consistent advocate for arts in Portland. Photo by Autumn de Wilde.

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