Northwest Summer Festivals and Concert Series

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Whether in rain or (preferably) shine, we Portlanders flock together en masse to enjoy the season’s offerings of outdoor music. Explore what's happening this summer using our budding Northwest Festival Directory. Photo by Kevin Tomanka.

The season is upon us—it’s the time of year when we Portlanders emerge from our caves and seek the essence of warmth on skin that’s been confined to business suits, rain gear and possibly even beards.

In these fleeting months where there are no guarantees, we still flock together en masse to bask in the radiance of not just the sun (when available) but also the sonic textures that mingle with the fresh outdoor air as we enjoy the annual concert series and large-scale music festivals that mark the calendar during the summertime.

As festival season approaches, Vortex directs you to our budding Northwest Festival Directory where you can find details on upcoming festivals and concert series as well as up-to-date lineups, ticketing information, streaming media and more at VRTXMAG.COM/FESTIVALS

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