Neo G Yo: 'Five.Flavors' [Video Premiere]

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The Futro collective member teamed up with stalwart electronic producer E*Rock on the mixtape track and now here's a fresh VHS camcorder video for your eyes.

Neo G Yo at the Friends of Noise launch party in May—click to see more photos by Miss EllaneaNeo G Yo at the Friends of Noise launch party in May—click to see more photos by Miss EllaneaParty pop and hip-hop purveyor Neo G Yo dropped his Foolin​.​wise Mixtape back in March featuring a slew of his crew and friends providing guest spots and production. The likes of Lamar LeRoy, Daniel Rafn, Neill Von Tally of EYRST and Yum Yum offer sonic collaborations, and now Neo G Yo has a VHS-filmed visual to go with the E*Rock-produced cut "Five.Flavors." Directed by Futro collective partner and artist Alex Boyce, the camcorder clip "includes analog editing techniques to make a truly glitchy future retro Neo experience," Neo G Yo says, and features movement artist Keyon Gaskin.

"'Five.Flavors' explores the Chinese concept of wu wei, in a get loose, let go kind of way," Neo G Yo explains. "The perspective is that of doing what you need to do for yourself, while working within the framework of structured societal constructs. For me, my life seems to work out in unexpected, progressive ways, as long as I keep that actively passive participation in the flow of events. The E*Rock-produced instrumental inspired me so much that I had to bring at least five different styles of delivery."

Watch Neo G Yo eat goji berries, drink sake and get down in his onesie in the video below.

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