Music Millennium Celebrates 45 Years with a Kickstarter

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Seeking $60,000 to fix roof plus add a coffee, wine and beer bar, come celebrate in-store with cake, Dirk Hamilton and Portland’s The Cry! performing on March 15.

Some businesses survive no matter what—just look at Music Millennium. On March 15, the oldest record store in the Northwest celebrates 45 years of being Portland’s go-to retail operation for vinyl records.

But you can begin to show your appreciation before the Ides of March by contributing to Millennium’s Kickstarter campaign, which starts today and runs through March 27.

Seeking $60,000, “If successful, this Kickstarter will fund the addition of a coffee, beer and wine bar into the store to enhance the shopping experience,” states a Music Millennium press release. “Another goal of the project will be to provide much needed repairs to the building’s roof.”

The fact that Music Millennium is celebrating 45 years in business is a testament to its survival—there is no better word for it. Through the ups and downs of recessions, an ever-changing business climate, changes in ownership, and the roller-coaster world of the music business, it has survived.

For the last 30 years, Terry Currier has guided Music Millennium through all of this turbulence with a grace and passion for the music business and local music scene while creating an institution for the city of Portland. With his bushy hair and wire-rimmed glasses, Terry is our leader. He has led us by presenting more than 4,000 free in-store performances—more than any other music store in the United States—from some of the greatest artists of our time. He has led us by starting the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and by being supportive and involved in everything from the Waterfront Blues Festival to MusicFestNW. He continually helps us find our way through the world of music.

Midway through the campaign, Music Millennium will celebrate its 45th birthday starting at 3pm on March 15 because that’s the exact time when it opened its doors in 1969 blasting the Beatles’ “All Too Much” from the speakers. This year, you can hear the same track that started it all followed by free refreshments, Voodoo Doughnuts and live music from Texas singer-songwriter Dirk Hamilton.

Then at 5pm, PDX young’uns The Cry! will bring their punk-tinged power pop to the Millennium in-store stage. Supporting their second studio LP, Dangerous Game, “The Cry! will restore your faith in the future of rock ‘n’ roll.” That’s straight from the mouth of Terry himself, continuing: The record “is rooted in the great things about ‘50s and ‘60s rock and ‘70s power pop and punk, but the album sounds fresh. The songs are catchy and the performances full of life and energy, capturing some of the feel of their live shows, which are a vibrant experience.”

At its core, Music Millennium has always been—and always will be—a record store. If you love holding your music in your hands, reading liner notes, deciphering the images on the cover of an album, and hearing the warm tone, pops and scratches as a record plays, then it is time to show your appreciation for Terry Currier and Music Millennium. Contribute to Millennium’s Kickstarter campaign now!

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