Just People: 'Glass Wire' [Song Premiere]

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Listen to the passionate, dark rallying cry from the Portland seven-piece and then celebrate their new record's release at the Doug Fir on February 26.

'Monolith' is due out February 26 with a record release party that night at the Doug Fir'Monolith' is due out February 26 with a record release party that night at the Doug FirPortland seven-piece Just People have been ready for February 26 for a good while now: The impending Friday marks the release of Monolith, the band's "most concrete and complete volume of work to date," according to lead singer Scott Gilmore.

Vortex already premiered the title track back in early December and now the band is offering a first listen of the second release off their 2016 effort: "Glass Wire,” featuring “darkly scattered instrumentation and passionately driven lyrics [that] give way to full-blown psychedelia,” Gilmore describes.

“‘Glass Wire’ is a rally cry of sorts,” he continues, “calling to those who have felt disconnected from the world and the shape that it has been taking. It is directly tied to the feeling that we've been sleeping, as an entity or community, but an awakening of sorts is coming to fruition and with that a sense of purpose and drive are returning.”

"Hand to hand and heart to ground, all of us are intertwined,” Gilmore sings, the lyric standing out as an important sentiment.

Working with Justin Phelps (Cake, The Mars Volta) at The Hallowed Halls and with John Baldwin mastering the new record, “Peter Marcott's guitar work on this track really blows me away,” Gilmore says. “The subtle licks growing into a full-blown, David Gilmour-esque wailing really ties the song together for me. That along with Steve Aman's key line in the song's arc makes this one of my favorites from the album.”

Expect Just People to play "Glass Wire” as well as the rest of 'Monolith' at the record release party on Friday, February 26 at the Doug Fir.

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