Gardens & Villa at Doug Fir Lounge

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Dance the sadness away on May 15.

Gardens & Villa have changed their style quite a bit with the release of the sophomore album Dunes, but it still has everything you want. Their music is like shooting flaming arrows into the desert while a festival takes place behind you: It’s confident, eccentric, ethereal and well-performed, but it also speaks to the outsider. Dunes is the reluctant rock star.

Chris Lynch’s falsetto vocals are layered over steady beats, salient synths and minimalistic bass grooves. The music is melancholy but powerful, and you’ll find yourself in a nostalgic dance. Garden & Villa’s music ranges from slow, bare-bones songs of reflection to high-energy charges—enjoy the gambit.

Their live performances do not leave you wanting more because they give you what you were hoping for and then some. I remember the first time I saw them perform Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy” and was captivated by their take on the classic. Expect surprises, outlandish statements and a comfortable atmosphere.

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