Fringe Class: 'Halloween Superstore' [Song Premiere]

Vortex Music Magazine

Hear a sparkling new track from the Portland electropop group before their EP release show for 'Fringe Class Begins' on March 14 at S1.

Fringe Class first graced us with their brand of electropop on last year’s EP Fringe Class Forever. But after some time in the studio, they’re ready to feed us some more with Fringe Class Begins. “Halloween Superstore” is our first listen of the new EP, a sparkling track that moves you with its shiny and polished synth sounds.

“Our idea behind this track was to make a song that was sort of tongue-in-cheek scary,” the band says of the song. “We definitely had those haunted house attractions that pop up around Halloween in mind, as well as those temporary costume stores.”

The new EP is another step forward for Fringe Class. “We definitely put a little more time and thought in the recording process on [Fringe Class Begins],” they tell Vortex. “We were much more creative with the tones, melody and space on this record.”

You can hear the rest of the upcoming release when Fringe Class plays an all-ages show at S1 on Saturday, March 14 alongside local electropop bands Gold Casio and DoublePlusGood—watch one of their sunny, synthy videos below. Expect “lots of energy and hopefully some younger faces.” Don’t miss it!

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