Cayucas and Miner at Mississippi Studios

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Enjoy a night of sunny tunes inspired by California's Central Coast on March 10, plus leave a comment below for your chance to win a pair of tickets!

If this doesn't sound like a summery, pastel palette, replete with short-sleeved button-ups, white linen pants and tortoise shell Wayfarers, I don't know what does. Once upon a time, Zach Yudin began quietly releasing beach-y songs online under the moniker Oregon Bike Trails. And while that name may have changed to Cayucas (pronounced ky-yook-us), an intentional misspelling of a seaside town along California's Central Coast, the gloriously sunny vibe remained the same. And the PacNW connection continued as well when the expanded band recorded their debut, Bigfoot, in Oregon with The Shins' Richard Swift on production.

Also, don't be freaked out if you're having such a warm, liberating time that you start to see double. It's not the booze confusing you—Yudin is actually joined by his twin brother Ben on bass and you enjoy the pair in action on ”East Coast Girl.” 'Ey!

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