A Strange Bird Live In the Hollow with Shady Pines Media [Video Premiere]

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In collaboration with Shady Pines Media, watch the Portland folk artist sing a woeful tune about changing values in society. Then, don't miss her at The Waypost on January 25.

Photo by Vanessa ViavantPhoto by Vanessa ViavantTaking a hard look at modern society and values, "Smoke & Mirrors," the latest from Portland folk musician A Strange Bird, is a song that highlights the disaffiliation towards what was once taught. The video, perfectly set and shot by Shady Pines Media, gives the feeling that you are in an underground venue and A Strange Bird has a secret to tell—and she tells it in a beautiful, smoky voice.

Listening to her, one cannot help but think of the parallels to the stories of the Bible. Using the snake as the one spreading words that are pleasing, in a "voice like honey,” the tale of Eve and the serpent comes to mind. And just like in the Bible, heeding the advice of the snake only leads to despair and heartbreak. As for the truth, it seems to be spoken by the man on the street corner, as it was by Jesus as he walked through the streets before being led to the cross.

A Strange Bird delivers this song in such an elegant way that you lose yourself in the lyrics and hang on each word that is sung. Each cut scene in the video is flawlessly placed to the song. With Shady Pines Media’s videography, "Smoke & Mirrors” offers a fresh take on the age-old tale of changing times and values.

A Strange Bird will share the stage with No Show Cadillac and Portland's Buff by Monday at The Waypost on January 25—don't miss it!

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