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Just like a vortex in nature revolves around a central axis, Vortex Music Magazine revolves around our community—aka you! So we’d like to invite you to join the Vortex Access Party!

As a member of the Vortex Access Party, you’ll get exclusive perks like:

▶ Vortex’s print magazine delivered to your door every quarter
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But hey, since you showed up to the party right on time, we have some gifts for you! The first 25 folks to join the party will get a grab bag of goodies that includes:

▶ 33% off monthly party dues (pay just $2 per month!)
▶ $10 to $50 to spend at local record stores or free pizza from Sizzle Pie
▶ Deals from CorePower Yoga, Ear Trumpet Labs, Music Millennium, Rebel Cricket Screen Prints, The Rye Room, Tender Loving Empire, Volume Bomb, Kill Rock Stars and Eagle Home Mortgage
▶ 10 bonus Vortex Party Points

Okay, but what the hell is a party point?!

Points provide access to parties, duh! For every month you’re a member, you’ll earn 5 Vortex Party Points to put toward concert tickets and other prizes like vinyl, art, gift certificates and more!

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A pass to What The Festival

CLICK HERE to lay down your bet on WTF tix!CLICK HERE to lay down your bet on WTF tix!To place your bid on a pass to What The Festival, email access [at] with the number of points you'd like to bid!

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