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Portland and Oregon's vibrant music scene is supported by a bevy of local businesses that value music in our community. The following supporters of Vortex Music Magazine play a vital role in encouraging, enabling and cultivating the music that circulates through the veins and culture of our city so please show them some love and support them back.

  • Alberta Street Pub

    Alberta Street Pub

    Portland's best sounding small venue features consistently solid entertainment across the board with free comedy on Sundays, trivia and Baby Ketten Karaoke on Mondays, free music and open mic on Tuesdays, and live shows rounding out the rest of the calendar. With 21 rotating taps, a full menu of scratch-made pub grub and a huge patio, there are plenty of $5 happy hour and late-night snack options, whiskey and sonic offerings to choose from every single night. Come enjoy Portland's listening room.

  • Anna Tivel, Fluff & Gravy Records

    Anna Tivel

    Anna Tivel’s fourth studio album Small Believer is a collection of patchwork stories drawn from conversations with strangers on the road and in restaurants, bars and rest stops. Produced by guitar mastermind Austin Nevins (Josh Ritter, Anaïs Mitchell), the songs float on a raft of electric guitar, pump organ, and sparse bass and drums. Small Believer is spacious and honest, a lyric-driven exploration of the things that move within us. Tivel takes great care with every syllable and every story, chipping away until what remains is blindingly true and deeply affecting. For fans of Patty Griffin and Brandi Carlile, Small Believer is out now on vinyl, CD and digital formats via Fluff & Gravy Records.

  • Anxious Houseguest

    Anxious Houseguest

    The latest album from Anxious Houseguest is a collection of memories and personal musings, crafted through synthesizers, sound clips and bedroom pop verses. The self-produced album merges futuristic sound design with a DIY spirit, allowing simple songs to bubble up from a shifting ambient plane. Galactic Goodness and the Cosmic Arcade invites listeners on a journey through its textured worlds, led by laid-back vocals underscoring heartfelt moments. For fans of Mount Eerie, Youth Lagoon and Say Hi, listen to Anxious Houseguest’s lo-fi, loop-ridden take on sci-fi here.

  • AudioGlobe


    A live and on-demand event streaming platform that allows subscribers to view our library of live performances both in real time and recorded—all at no cost to the artist. Live music when you want it.

  • Badfoot Records

    Badfoot Records

    Badfoot Records is an independent label based out of Portland and Nashville. Founded by Oregon native Danny "Badfoot" James, the label spotlights a team of friendly songwriters who put in honest work to get their music heard. Artist based and funded, everyone on the label has an active part in the building blocks and foundation of the team, all bringing something different to the table. Badfoot represents a humble lineup of talent including Fox and Bones, Shane Brown, Trent Beaver, Rocky Bottom (Nashville), and Jesse Priest (Alabama). For the artist, by the artist: Real is rare.

  • The BeneFactorz

    The BeneFactorz

    Biological brothers Kane and Trap are two American hip-hop artists. As The BeneFactorz, the themes of their music revolve around the violence, drugs, pimping and hardships they’ve experienced living in inner cities. What separates them from the rest is their affinity for their community and their unconditional love for the trap. Big Trouble, Little Portland is out now—find The BeneFactorz on Spotify, iTunes and all streaming platforms.

  • Benson Amps

    Benson Amps

    Benson Amps makes heirloom-quality tube amplifiers and effects in Portland, Ore., using original designs and premium components. Used loudly by Ryan Adams, David Bazan, Colin Meloy and Chris Funk of The Decemberists, Jessica Dobson of Deep Sea Diver, Michael Parker of Pickwick, and many more stellar music makers in the Northwest and beyond, a Benson Amp will give you a signature tone that’s all your own.

  • Brad Parsons, photo by Jessie McCall

    Brad Parsons

    With songs that hit you right in your chest and a big voice that goes straight for your gut, Brad Parsons begs you to sing, shout, dance, laugh and cry with him. Establishing a strong presence locally as well as making waves at festivals across the country, his latest record, Hold True, displays his soulful expression of psychedelic Americana. Don’t miss him with Danny Barnes and TK & The Holy Know-Nothings at the Doug Fir on Thursday, December 28.

  • Burn Money Music

    Burn Money Music

    We are an independent record label dedicated to assisting in the development of new media and music while supporting true artists' independence. Housing multiple recording studios with the latest technology, our focus is to elevate new and emerging artists and help cultivate creative artists of any genre.

  • Camp Crush, photo by Julia Henry

    Camp Crush

    An exploration of new wave rock and melodic pop, Camp Crush weave lyricism with whimsical, danceable melodies. Finding inspiration in their musical roots—Duran Duran, The Cure and Blondie—Camp Crush will make you feel like you’re at the high school prom you wish you had. See Camp Crush with Foxy Lemon and The Get Ahead at the holiday benefit for Portland Homeless Family Solutions at the Doug Fir on Tuesday, December 19.

  • Cascade Record Pressing

    Cascade Record Pressing

    Cascade Record Pressing is the first and only automated production record pressing plant in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to make high-quality records for discerning local artists and record labels. We are committed to working with our customers to actualize their vinyl visions. Cascade is 100 percent dedicated to manufacturing quality records that will stand the test of time.

  • Cedar Teeth

    Cedar Teeth

    With Cedar Teeth’s new EP, Farewell To Green Mountain, the familial five-piece double down on the eclecticism of their debut album, Hoot. Influenced and inspired by the music and songwriting of the Pacific Northwest—the various strands of grunge, pop, folk and Americana—the only rules Cedar Teeth follow on Farewell To Green Mountain are: Keep the music honest and speak with a voice that genuinely reflects the region of the Cascade foothills from which they hail. The EP is out now—get it here!

  • Clinton Street Theater

    Clinton Street Theater

    Beyond our regular film and Rocky Horror schedule, the Clinton Street Theater also hosts theater, music and other live performances—always affordable and open to all ages. Interested in playing a gig here? Get in touch: info [at] clintonsttheater.com

  • corbettfunfest

    Corbett Fun Fest

    Save the date this Fourth of July: After a classic small-town parade, live music, food and family fun continue throughout the day with a huge fireworks show capping off the night! Check out the full musical lineup now!

  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga

    Discover your most powerful self. CorePower Yoga has three Portland-area studios (and many more nationwide!) offering a variety of high-intensity classes that will push you past physical boundaries with an open mind and a beating heart. Give it a try with your first week FREE and then commit to your mat—and even get 20 percent off yoga packages as a Vortex Access Party member!

  • Cravedog


    Locally owned and operated for 24 years, Cravedog has developed an international reputation for excellent service manufacturing millions of CDs, LPs and apparel orders for our clients. Whether you are a long-standing corporation, a small company, an independent artist, a record label or filmmaker, we know how to meet your needs. It's important to keep things simple and personal—you won't find a computer answering your phone calls. We take pride in personally seeing your project through from start to finish and delivering it to you exactly the way you originally envisioned it. Stop by our monthly happy hour every last Thursday of the month from 4 to 7pm (21 and over only).

  • Crystal Ballroom

    Crystal Ballroom

    Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014, the Crystal Ballroom is indisputably the centerpiece of the McMenamins music empire in Oregon. Perched on the third floor of an old brick building originally called Cotillion Hall, the historic structure occupies prime real estate on West Burnside, while upstairs the spring-loaded ballroom floor bouncingly hosts thousands of concertgoers at 150 gigs annually. A litany of genre-spanning legends have shared this stage, from Little Richard and James Brown, to the Grateful Dead and Buffalo Springfield, to the OG funkateer George Clinton and surf pioneer Dick Dale, to contemporary acts like blues-tinged rockers The Black Keys and electronic dance purveyor Pretty Lights as well as homegrown Portland talent aplenty, including The Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, Pink Martini and The Dandy Warhols. Although the air may be thick with sweaty bodies on a rowdy show night, take a moment to admire your surroundings: Ornate glass chandeliers hang overhead, hand-painted murals adorn the walls, and carved, cackling jokers top the colonnades. And when the floating dance floor starts to quiver, just go with the flow and pogo in unison to the beat because the floor will respond like a hardwood trampoline. If the lights come up too soon, grab a pint of house-brewed beer in Lola’s Room, the dance floor below the ballroom, before continuing on to the ground floor Ringlers (named for first owner of the ballroom) for some pub grub—or just stumble a few steps further east to the subterranean speakeasy of Al's Den. On any night, anything can happen!

  • Dan Cable Presents

    Dan Cable Presents

    A music podcast spotlighting Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest scene featuring in-studio performances and uncensored conversations with artists. Stay up, stay tuned, every Friday on iTunes and Podomatic.

  • David Barber

    David Barber

    A local rapper and jazz musician, David Barber’s recently released debut Painted On The Wall is an authentic blend of rap lyricism and jazzy musicianship, featuring beats by the Portland neo-soul and hip-hop trio Radio Phoenix. Recorded almost completely live in the studio, David’s lyrical delivery and content defy any preconceived notions one might have regarding hip-hop. This album offers something for fans of jazz, gospel, hip-hop and neo-soul in one cohesive musical experience. For fans of Common, The Roots, Joomanji, D'Angelo and Erykah Badu, Painted On The Wall Out is out now—listen on all online music platforms and buy on Bandcamp.

  • Deathlist


    The solo project of Summer Cannibals’ Jenny Logan, the singer and songwriter played every instrument on her latest EP. Produced by The Thermals’ Hutch Harris, Weaks explores the emotional landscape of a relationship’s demise. The songs are stark and direct due to minimalist production, culminating with the title track, a moving mid-tempo song where Logan sounds almost hopeful, singing, “I’m gonna find it somewhere, I’ve been weak a long time.” Deathlist has received acclaim from publications like The Fader, Eleven, Willamette Week and Impose Magazine. For fans of Suicide, Sisters of Mercy and Wire, look for her upcoming sophomore full-length FUN out in March and don’t miss Deathlist at Bunk Bar on Friday, January 26.

  • DJ Klyph

    DJ Klyph

    A staple of the Portland radio scene consistently providing support to the local hip-hop community, the Klyph Notes podcast extends that support by bringing listeners in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes content featuring artists and difference makers from all over the world who are making a positive impact on their communities. Subscribe via iTunes or listen here.

  • Doug Fir Lounge

    Doug Fir Lounge

    Doug Fir is Portland’s own log cabin of live music, rising in the east since 2004. Catch an up-and-coming touring or local act at one of the best-loved, greatest-sounding venues in town. Open 7am until late serving up a newly reinvented food menu, specialty drinks and a whole lotta wood!

  • dugg mason

    dugg mason

    Rapper, DJ, producer dugg mason honed his craft in the Bay Area only to return to his native Northwest. Where his beat tapes provide a collage of emotive samples and warm textures, his rap persona diverts, offering wavy synths, kinetic drums and chrome-dipped rap bravado. Follow @itsduggybaby on Instagram for new music releases every first of the month.

  • Eagle Home Mortgage

    Eagle Home Mortgage

    Committed to Seeing You Home: Your Mortgage Maven and Music Advocate, I pride myself on exceeding my customer's expectations at every stage of the home-buying process, from a complimentary pre-approval through an on-time closing. As a loan officer with Eagle Home Mortgage, I have access to a variety of loan programs and an experienced support team focused solely on home financing. —Janeen Rundle, NMLS #135407, JaneenRundle@eaglehm.com

  • Ear Trumpet Labs

    Ear Trumpet Labs

    Hand-built visual and sonic beauty: Meet Edwina, the best live mic for acoustic musicians. Preferred by Grammy Award-winning artists and discriminating home recording. Made in Portland. "Lead vocals worked so well that I resisted pulling out mics that cost 10 times more. That's unusual at this price point for a picky bastard like me." Larry Crane, patron saint of PDX recording, $499 direct

  • Elke Robitaille

    Elke Robitaille

    Hailing from a small mill town on the west coast of Canada, the Portland-based folk songwriter intertwines elements of Americana, bluegrass and alt-country on her fourth studio release: In The End. Out now, the EP features a dynamic assortment of songs and boasts a talented medley of studio musicians. Watch her latest video for "That Devil" here!

  • Fire Flower

    Fire Flower

    Producing quality, craft cannabis, we believe in our community and are helping to set the standard for modern marijuana cultivation.

  • Fluff & Gravy Records

    Fluff & Gravy Records

    Trust Your Label: We are a full-service record label and recording studio featuring music and records from the likes of Richmond Fontaine, VacilandoSassparilla, Mike Coykendall, Nick Jaina, Drunken Prayer, Jeffrey Martin, Anna Tivel, The Harmed Brothers, Hillstomp, Fernando, Catherine Feeny and more! Get 20 percent off any order—go to our website and use the code: vortex20

  • Free Tillman

    Free Tillman

    The sample-based, instrumental hip-hop producer Free Tillman explores the fear of leaving home and the heartbreak of leaving others behind as well as the joy of triumph, all while hardly uttering a word, on his latest record. The story told on My Way Home is one of an artist finding his way after moving from his small hometown to the big city. Anyone who has every tried to pursue their dreams will easily relate. For fans of Madlib, J Dilla, Knxwledge, Oddisee and Apollo Brown, My Way Home is out January 12, 2018—take the opportunity to feel Free Tillman.

  • The Future of What

    The Future of What

    The Future of What is a radio show and podcast that explores music and the recording industry—where it is and where it’s headed. Host Portia Sabin, president of the independent record label Kill Rock Stars, cuts through the noise with music business experts to provide an authoritative look at this rapidly evolving industry in Portland and beyond. Hear new episodes every Friday on XRAY.fm and wherever you get your podcasts.

  • The Get Ahead

    The Get Ahead

    The soulful Americana five-piece worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Son Little (The Roots, RJD2, Mavis Staples) on their latest four-song EP to mine an amalgam of classic rock, vintage soul, R&B, country and gospel, blending their male and female leads with swampy blues grit as well as sax and violin. The Get Ahead’s Mind Is A Mountain is out now via Jullian Records.

  • grittybirds

    Gritty Birds

    Sharing the stories and voices of independent artists in today's music and artistic landscape, Gritty Birds is on a journey to discover how we create and why. Season 3 is out now—subscribe on iTunes.

  • Haley Johnsen

    Haley Johnsen

    Ready to share her sophomore EP with the world, When You Lit the Sky is a soulful helping of blues and pop songwriting with nostalgic arrangements, and a window into the great passions of an artist whose dynamic vocals soar and whose heart is eternally, vulnerably, human. When You Lit the Sky is out now—stream on Spotify or buy on iTunes, at Music Millennium, or on Bandcamp.

  • jprslogo

    Jackpot! Recording Studio

    Jackpot! Recording Studio has served Portland’s music scene since 1997. Notable clients include Elliott Smith, Jolie Holland, Wooden Shjips, Built to Spill, Moon Duo, Lord Dying, Battleme, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus, She & Him, M. Ward, Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Spoon, comedian Dax Jordan, Jason Lytle, and The Shins. Owner Larry Crane has helmed many of these sessions and utilized his knowledge of recording to create a unique and full-featured studio that is available for an affordable price. Many talented engineers and producers from Portland and all over the world have worked at Jackpot!, a studio with an impressive assortment of gear including a custom 32-channel Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console, analog tape decks and Pro Tools. Get a hold of us to tour the studio and book your next project!

  • Jeffrey Martin, Fluff & Gravy Records

    Jeffrey Martin

    After Jeffrey Martin released 2014’s Dogs In The Daylight, the Portland Mercury posited that he “might be the best songwriter in Portland.” No Depression called the record “as close to a masterpiece as a folk album from an emerging singer-songwriter can get.” One Go Around is the long-awaited follow-up to that record. These are stories of an America left behind, of working-class people struggling to keep their heads above rising waters, of people trying to find love in a time of heartlessness. The stories hit hard, because we know we may not be far from them ourselves in this time of uncertainty. For fans of Josh Ritter, Joe Pug and Gregory Alan Isakov, One Go Around is out now on vinyl, CD and digital formats via Fluff & Gravy Records.

  • JoAnna Lee

    JoAnna Lee

    Welcome to JoAnna Lee’s raspy confessional: The 10 tracks on So Free create an intimate yet universally relatable chronicle of her life experiences—none more so than “Drinking By Myself,” which covers a revealing set of emotions wrapped in optimism, strength and growth, and heartbreak tempered by lessons learned. So Free is out now—get the new single “Drinking By Myself.”

  • Jon Koonce

    Jon Koonce

    The 13th album from the Portland mainstay is 10 new songs from a 10-piece band featuring three horns, two ladies singing backing vocals and rockin' guitars—it’s full of Memphis soul and bluesy grooves. Recorded live at an eight-track studio in glorious mono, The Lost Cause is an analog statement—out now on vinyl and CD at local stores and on Amazon.

  • Karyn Ann

    Karyn Ann

    Her voice is as much an instrument as her piano or guitar. Often likened to Adele and Bonnie Raitt, Karyn Ann’s upcoming sophomore album, Be Loud, follows her 2015 debut album, Into the Depths, with an eclectic mix of funky riffs, soulful ballads and rock anthems. Get her new single “Be Still” on iTunes or Bandcamp and catch her hosting happy hour every fourth Tuesday at the Alberta Street Pub.

  • Katelyn Convery

    Katelyn Convery

    Taking listeners on an intimate, epic journey inside themselves, singer-songwriter Katelyn Convery crafts dynamic, lyric-driven songs that blend folk, rock, pop and electronica with influences from her time spent living in South Korea, Spain and South Africa. Her soulful debut Unarmed is out now.

  • King Black Acid

    King Black Acid

    KBA’s first full-length in 15 years is an ambitious musical adventure with roots stretching from the band’s psychedelic rock origins to ‘60s vocal pop, early ‘70s R&B, ‘80s synth rock, modern dream-core, and uptempo, danceable, rebellious anthems—all while remaining authentic, organic and heartfelt. The longtime project of Daniel Riddle (who soundtracked The Mothman Prophecies), Super Beautiful Magic is nothing short of a full-blown cinematic experience. Out now via Cavity Search and Mazinga Records, get it here!

  • Mic Check

    Mic Check

    Brought to you by veterans of the scene (StarChile and DJ Klyph with resident DJ Trox on the beats), this hip-hop experience goes down every last Thursday at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon. We showcase dope elements of hip-hop and the region's best emcees in an atmosphere built to grow the culture!

  • Monkey With a Hat On

    Monkey With a Hat On

    Monkey With a Hat On is dedicated to providing contemporary, relevant, inexpensive theater pieces geared towards, but not exclusively for, younger generations. Theater is for all of us and should be accessible to everyone—both in creating it and enjoying it as an audience member. Theater is the oldest human art form. Theater is people getting together to share a series of moments and experiences, providing a medium where thoughts, emotions and human histories are exchanged in real time. It is the duty of Monkey With a Hat On to provide pertinent, entertaining and thought-provoking theater for five bucks to the wonderful people of Portland, Oregon. There are many productions on the horizon and plenty of room on the boat for everyone willing—man, woman or monkey.

  • musicmillennium-logo

    Music Millennium

    Music Millennium has been serving Portland’s recorded music needs since 1969. We buy and sell used and new vinyl, CDs and DVDs plus array of unique gift items. We host about 150 live music events in-store each year, both local and international—from Lost Lander to Joe Strummer. It’s A Place Where The Music and People Still Matter.

  • Musicians Union, Local 99

    Musicians Union, Local 99

    The American Federation of Musicians and the Portland chapter Local 99 are created of musicians, by musicians and for musicians. Since 1896, we have established, through negotiations and member unity, industry standard wages and working conditions for professional musicians.

  • One Tail at a Time | PDX

    One Tail at a Time | PDX

    OTAT PDX is an all-breed, no-kill dog rescue committed to lowering euthanasia rates through the rescue and adoption of dogs in need; comprehensive support of adopters; and community outreach through assistance for disadvantaged and low-income families. All OTAT PDX dogs live in approved, loving and committed volunteer foster homes until permanently adopted. Get involved: Volunteer, adopt, donate or become a member!

  • PDX Pop Now!

    PDX Pop Now!

    PDX Pop Now! is dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in Portland music. As an all-volunteer organization committed to being accessible, current and local, we provide and support live performances and recorded materials. We aspire to advance a sustainable community that values inclusivity and a high caliber of artistry to enable a creative dialogue between artist and audience. Each year, artists, businesses and individual volunteers donate time and resources to producing our two-disc compilation album of local music as well as benefit events and school outreach programs that all lead up to the organization’s annual, free, all-ages festival, which will be held beneath the Hawthorne Bridge on July 21-23, 2017.

  • People


    Get lost in a meandering, maddening, splattering dreamworld. Start with People’s 2017 debut Like Music to Your Ears—the nine tracks are a gritty, grungy, tumultuous journey through a lost mind in a lost world—and then look for something sonically new on the horizon. Listen to Like Music to Your Ears now.

  • Pip's Original Doughnuts & Chai

    Pip's Original Doughnuts & Chai

    Fresh, made-to-order mini-doughnuts. Five flavors of house-crafted chai from raw spices and tea. Community not competition. Open 8am to 4pm seven days a week.

  • Portland Notes

    Portland Notes

    Portland Notes is dedicated to supporting and encouraging creativity by sharing local artists with Portland and the world. Check out the new Portland Notes Radio here!

  • Portland Radio Project

    Portland Radio Project

    Commercial-free music radio: rock/folk/blues and weekend jazz. We play a local artist every 15 minutes! Broadcasting in the heart of Portland at 99.1 FM and streaming globally 24/7.

  • Radio Room

    Radio Room

    Radio Room is open all day, every day. We are a casual restaurant and lounge with tasty, unpretentious food and drink, priced right and happily served to our wildly creative neighbors, friends and the fine humans of Portland at large. From a morning espresso with breakfast to a nightcap and happy hour snack before bed, we got you all day long. Food. Drink. Art. Music. For the People.

  • Rebel Cricket Screen Prints

    Rebel Cricket Screen Prints

    From tried and true to trendy, new fashions, our printing methods will match your style and offer your fans an instant favorite they will always want to wear. Pimp your merch table with our custom screen printing services for bands and businesses! At Rebel Cricket Screen Prints, we pride ourselves on versatility. We stock a variety of color and ink formulations, which means we can print on paper, wood, metal, vinyl, glass and don't forget fabric! Check our website for monthly packages that include shirts, stickers and posters. Get one free setup with promo code: VORTEX

  • Revival Drum Shop

    Revival Drum Shop

    A home for all drummers from the beginner to the seasoned player: vintage and custom drums, eclectic percussion, parts and accessories, new and used cymbals.

  • ROLA Music

    ROLA Music

    A global music agency focusing on bringing American artists to Europe, we sustainably develop and support our artists with personalized strategies and long-term vision via booking international tours, public relations and management. Founded in Vienna in 2010 by Dominik Schmidt, ROLA Music established a second location in Portland in 2013. As a result of the expanded territory, ROLA now operates full time from both countries and has organized European tours for local artists like Autonomics, Bart Budwig, Hustle and Drone, Worth, Sama Dams, Minden, DoublePlusGood, Haley Heynderickx, Fox and Bones, Thanks and many more.

  • The Rye Room

    The Rye Room

    Serving the Pacific Northwest, The Rye Room provides musicians with a recording experience tailored to each individual or group. Every artist or band bring unique elements to their music. Our mission is to distill raw creativity and talent through an exceptional, time-honored process to create a high-quality product that, like a great whiskey, can be easily enjoyed. We believe recording is about the experience. We put a great deal of thought into design, vibe and comfort to ensure you are able to deliver your best performance. Capturing that performance is enhanced in the right environment, which is why all rooms are tuned and custom wired for exceptional acoustics. Small batch, handcrafted records means we approach each project with an eye for quality, a lifelong passion for music, and a focus on creating your best record.

  • Saturn Duplication

    Saturn Duplication

    Local CD/DVD duplication: Specializing in short runs for area bands and artists, we also offer affordable graphic design for your album or project. Located next door to Revival Drum Shop, call or stop by!

  • Showdeer


    Stumptown's go-to graphic artist for all things music and design related. Focusing on music-centric creations in the Pacific Northwest scene, Chris Bigalke is a one-man studio who works with local businesses, music venues, bands, record labels, and national companies for gig posters, album art, branding, website layout and more. Keeping Portland surreal since 2008.

  • Swider | Haver

    Swider | Haver

    Experienced attorneys providing legal services to Portland’s musicians including distribution, performance, producer, venue, copyright, contract, publishing and licensing agreements.

  • Tender Loving Empire Headquarters, Tender Loving Empire NW 23rd, Tender Loving Empire Hawthorne, Tender Loving Empire West End

    Tender Loving Empire Headquarters

    Record label. Handmade goods. All together now. Celebrating 10 years as Portland's hub for local music, handcrafted gifts, T-shirts, jewelry, vinyl and more. Locations at the Portland Airport, downtown, NW 23rd and Hawthorne, where you can find frequent in-store performances from the bands you love. Subscribe to our emails to find out more!

  • The Thesis

    The Thesis

    PDX's hottest monthly live hip-hop showcase, presented by We Out Here Magazine and Vortex every first Thursday at Kelly's Olympian. RSVP here.

  • Ticket Tomato

    Ticket Tomato

    Your alternative to oversized, national ticket retailers since 2007. Whether buying or selling, we're committed to an efficient, fair and excellent ticket experience. Ticketing is made easy with online purchasing, ticket printing, customer service, promotion and box office management. TT is committed to helping our clients sell, promote and event manage with web-ready tools. Join us and make your event a success!

  • Volume Bomb

    Volume Bomb

    Volume Bomb specializes in new and used electric guitars, amps and pedals, local punk and metal records, macabre art and jewelry, and small-run enamel pins and patches. Located off Holgate in The Hallowed Halls recording studio on SE 64th Avenue in Portland.

  • Voodoo Catbox

    Voodoo Catbox

    Designer, illustrator and screen print artist Gary Houston offers original hand-pulled posters and other art. We make crap you don’t need.

  • XRAY.fm


    XRAY.fm is an independent, not-for-profit radio station that supports the Pacific Northwest’s music and arts communities. It fulfills its educational mission through airing local public affairs programs featuring voices seldom heard on radio and broadcasting a diverse array of music, with a focus on new, local, independent and experimental recordings. XRAY.fm also serves as a resource for training community members in radio, broadcasting and digital media. In the Portland area, tune in at 91.1 and 107.1 FM or stream online.

  • Waterfront Blues Festival

    Waterfront Blues Festival

    As the Oregon Food Bank’s largest annual fundraising event, the Waterfront Blues Festival has become a treasured tradition for locals and visitors alike: It is the largest blues festival west of the Mississippi and the second largest blues festival in the nation. Since 1988, the festival has raised $10 million and 815 tons of food to fight hunger in the region.

  • Wildwood MusicFest

    Wildwood MusicFest

    The Wildwood MusicFest was created exclusively by grassroots efforts of a caring community in rural Oregon. Our annual festival is a small, family-friendly event that is all about fantastic music from emerging artists all performing on a single stage, allowing you to settle in and take it all in without having to follow a hectic schedule. We are committed to making this a self-sustaining, yearly fest that showcases good music and good times by promoting local food and agriculture, featuring regional beers and wine, and providing tons of free activities for kids, all while being environmentally conscious by using reusable cups and tableware.

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