King Black Acid

Rock, Pop
Location: Portland

KBA’s first full-length in 15 years is an ambitious musical adventure with roots stretching from the band’s psychedelic rock origins to ‘60s vocal pop, early ‘70s R&B, ‘80s synth rock, modern dream-core, and uptempo, danceable, rebellious anthems—all while remaining authentic, organic and heartfelt. The longtime project of Daniel Riddle (who soundtracked The Mothman Prophecies), Super Beautiful Magic is nothing short of a full-blown cinematic experience. Out now via Cavity Search and Mazinga Records, get it here. And don’t miss KBA at Doug Fir with The Parson Red Heads and LiquidLight on Saturday, August 19.

Upcoming Shows


  • King Black Acid and The Crystal Unicorn: "The Best Lies"


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