Within Sight, Separating The Seas and Spirits at The Spot on Jan. 25, 2019

On January 25, Vancouver, Wash-based hard rock band Within Sight celebrated the release of Hopeless, a magnificent hard rock EP, at The Spot.

Hopeless is the band's most complete piece of work to date, boasting two singles and beautifully written music throughout. It's also the first of their albums to have the drum tracks recorded live.

When asked about how this album pushed them as a group, Drummer Sean “Gerber” Trenda says, "We really pushed the boundaries of who we are as musicians. We tried to create something that would be enjoyable for people who don’t necessarily enjoy listening to metal, while keeping our heavy aspects.”

The titular single, "Hopeless," holds nothing back when it comes to melodic guitar riffs and pure, aggressive vocal harmonies on lyrics describing profound depression: "I lost it, my mind too far gone, one way ticket to the grave, my heart cannot be saved from this hell I've created.” Each subsequent line builds on these sentiments, allowing the torment and pain of the protagonist to show through. When asked about the song, Trenda said, "We are trying to get across that things like addiction or suicidal thinking can be combated with support and staying true to yourself."

"Believe In Me," the second single off Hopeless, is a melodic ballad with a nostalgic feel reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Kutless. Lines such as “Every time I leave, you look away” and “If I never tried, my life would be a lie, I feel so alive” soar over elegant drum patterns.

Hopeless shows the growth of Within Sight. According to Trenda, "Hopeless… gave us a very large understanding of what is going to take to evolve as a band and stay relevant in our genre.”

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