David Crosby at the Aladdin Theater on March 12, 2016

A sold-out Aladdin Theater for a legend of an era, this performance had all the makings for a very special evening of music. As David Crosby took the stage, it was evident that he was relaxed and comfortable in such an intimate setting. At 74 years of age, he can command the stage with just a couple of acoustic guitars, his voice and a seemingly endless catalog of songs. His voice remains as strong as ever, graceful and emotional, hitting all the right notes. His stage banter between songs fluctuated from the hilarious to the serious, interacting with the crowd in a way that was very personal, creating some very special moments for the audience.

Crosby’s 20-song set was filled with everything from The Byrds, CSN and CSNY, to a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “For Free.” He provided a good mix of the old alongside new songs, relaxed and having fun throughout the show. One thing is certain, David Crosby has still got it: His guitar playing was near flawless, his voice was pure and clear, and he reminded us that David Crosby is really just an old hippie at heart. All about peace, love and great songs, he reminded me how it used to be—and how his music is an anthem of a generation.

Set List:
Tracks In The Dust
The Lee Shore
Naked In The Rain
For Free
Dream For Him
Thousand Roads
Where Will I Be?
Page 43
Carry Me
Everybody's Been Burned
Rusty and Blue
What Are Their Names
In My Dreams
What Makes It So
Somebody Home
Déjà Vu

Cowboy Movie

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