Ayron Jones and The Way at the White Eagle Saloon on Feb. 14, 2015

Puget Sound's Ayron Jones and The Way (Ayron Jones providing guitar and vocals with DeAndre Enrico on bass and Kai Van De Pitte on drums) returned to Portland on Valentine's night and their Portland fans (including many new ones) showed the love by packing the historic White Eagle for a great night of music. Their live show—raw, loud and in your face—was filled with emotion, especially on gospel- and soul-fueled ballads like "Feedin' From the Devil's Hands" (watch the video below) and "My Love Remains"—their transitions into full-on guitar shredding are the signature of AJ and The Way's dark, urban blues-rock sound. Seeing this band perform is easily one of the most entertaining shows you will ever see, and when Jones steps into the audience, the connection becomes all the more deep. On this night, the connection between the performers and the audience was easy to see and feel—live music at its best.

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