Rock, Country
Location: Portland

Tales of hope, heartbreak and disconnect. Samsel (formerly Samsel And The Skirt) find themselves between The Lone Bellow and The Black Keys with all the energy of a 16-year-old Mick Jagger. Fronted by singers Cary and Kelsey Samsel, the band is built on a commitment to each other and music. Cary's blues backround is evident in his singing but well complimented by Kelsey's smooth, heart-wrenching vocals. The two sing tales of heartbreak, love and disconnect. The band is deverse in their musical tastes. Funk drums (Nathan Powell), R&B bass lines (Spencer Buckle) and rock and roll guitar (Alex Sneath), Samsel creates a sound that is unchained to a genre. Come stomp your feet and join the family. Samsel


  • Corbett Fun Fest: 2015 Lineup