Rocket 3

Pop, Rock
Location: Portland

Rocket 3's sophomore album, What’s The Frequency?, gives titular nods to both R.E.M. and bass player Kenneth Foust, who joined the band in 2015. The brainchild of Ramune Nagisetty since 2012, the lyrics of her songs describe tough choices and unresolved emotions cloaked in optimism from the perspective of a first-generation immigrant with a Lithuanian mother, an Indian father, and a Catholic and Buddhist upbringing. Featuring Andrew Anymouse on drums and Gavin Duffy on keys and sax, What’s The Frequency? was produced by Matt Jefferson. For fans of Belly, The Breeders and Blake Babies, The Vinyl Anachronist calls it "a beautiful pop valentine"—What’s The Frequency? is out now!


  • Rocket 3: "Good Enough"


  • Rocket 3: What's The Frequency?' [Album]