Pulp Romance

Pop, Rock, Electronic
Location: Portland

Pulp Romance’s new single “​Clockwork​” is a nuanced modern portrait and dreamy manifesto on the dangers of capitalism. The juxtaposition of cutting lyrics and visceral imagery narrates the all-too-well-known angst towards corrupt politics. The half-time, psychedelic groove rock uses syncopated synths and whiskey-soaked, crooning vocals—at times hushed and even whispered—to coax listeners into a supernatural dimension. For fans of Tame Impala, Portugal. The Man, Cage The Elephant, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, catch them sharing tracks off their upcoming EP at the Star Theater on Tuesday, May 14 or The Hawthorne Hideaway on Thursday, May 23.


  • Pulp Romance: "Neon Lights"
  • Pulp Romance: "Clockwork"
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