Hart & Hare

Pop, Rock
Location: Portland

The best noise is the one that sticks. Working in the interstitial space between pop and experimental noise installations, Hart & Hare construct experiential atmospheres that you can tap your foot to. Not worried with technicality and of-the-minute trends, their pieces evoke cold evenings, half-remembered moments and the bleary state of memory before a jolt brings you back to the present. Formed in the winter of 2012 by two artists, the duo deconstructs the traditional band structure by questioning what a performance should be. Relying on vocal harmonies, sonic textures and a heavy dose of guitar and synthesizer, Hart & Hare present a full experience that is at once cinematic and personal. The slow plod of drums gives way to frantic guitar and warbled voices. The images on the screen shift along to a soundtrack that follows simple structures in unexpected ways. At its core, Hart & Hare is about exploring the beautiful disparities inherent in the commingling of two lives. Drawing from different musical and personal backgrounds, the members combine diverse ideas into a melodious whole. Each echo, chord and hiss of feedback is tamed by a return to an intimate space between the listener and the musician, by a return to something you forgot but was stuck there all along. Hart & Hare