Dr. Something

Folk, Pop
Location: Portland

The project of longtime Portland songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alison Dennis, Dr. Something uses imaginative instrumental and vocal textures alongside humorous, emotionally trenchant lyrics to create engaging chamber pop that blurs the line between art and novelty. Dr. Something’s latest release, The Transit Suite, is a series of musical vignettes inspired by Portland-area transit centers. Featuring woodwinds, piano, guitar, bass, vocal harmonies, drums and violins, it’s a miniature symphony about everyday banality, unexpected social intersections, climate change, and the importance of public space. For fans of Belle and Sebastian, Joanna Newsom and John Grant, The Transit Suite is out now.


  • Dr. Something: "Schrödinger’s Quarantined"


  • Dr. Something: "Schrödinger's Quarantined"