Don Bonsai

Rock, Funk, Reggae
Location: Portland

Don Bonsai's debut EP Circling the Square is butter for your bread and honey for your tea. Mixing together funk, bass and the electronic 8-bit wizardry of Professor Steve Delay create a body-moving, soul-grooving sound that is sure to energize the Portland music scene. These five songs are packed with vocal hooks and smooth harmonies that’ll both satisfy you and leave you wanting more. For fans of Cake, Beck and Portugal. The Man, Circling the Square is out now—listen to the first electro-funky single “I Ain’t Mad” featuring guest vocalist Zahira (of Rising Buffalo Tribe) taking the track to an even higher dimension!


  • Who is Don Bonsai?


  • Don Bonsai: "I Ain't Mad" (feat. Zahira)
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