Darka Dusty

International, Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Folk
Location: Portland

Darka Dusty is a lifelong musician and vocalist living in Portland, Oregon. Known for her big voice, Darka likes to genre-hop from blues to jazz to country and everything in between. Originally born in Detroit, Mich., Darka spent many years in New York City and a few in London. In her early musical life, Darka was one half of the very popular NYC-based Ukrainian music duo Darka & Slavko, traveling to Europe several times and winning Best International Band honors at the first non-Soviet Ukrainian pop music festival. Darka is mostly known for her solo performances but often sings and plays keys and accordion in several Portland bands, including The Vulva Underground (an all-female musical collective), Mammoth in Space (her experimental group with her partner Miri Stebivka), and the international band The Borscht Beatniks, among many others. Darka Dusty


  • Darka Dusty: "Again" [Live]