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Vortex Music Magazine

With our second issue out on July 1, we give thanks to those who have helped make this magazine a reality.

The month of April was one continuous fundraiser and noisemaker for Vortex Music Magazine, but with the support of more than 120 backers, we successfully funded a Kickstarter and our debut print magazine hit the streets of Portland on the first of May.

Thanks to those who supported our Kickstarter, you are now reading issue number two. This magazine has been a harrowing and humbling experience so far—but it’s also been unbelievably rewarding. We’ve uncovered new cogs that make the Portland music scene pulsate, heard from bands and business owners that we’re providing a vital publication, and generally felt bountiful amounts of love from all corners of the Rose City, as well as across the state and Pacific Northwest.

All of this is evidence that the open, supportive community we covered in our first issue is alive and well. Therefore, we will continue full steam ahead with our mission to document and engage in the Portland music scene in an effort to support those who have supported us.

Speaking of our supporters—especially those that made this magazine and this issue a reality:

And thank you to the local businesses, artists and organizations that helped us launch our Kickstarter in the first place, and thanks to our staff, writers, photographers and designers for your ingenuity and dedication!

We are Music, Portland-Style.

Chris Young Editor-In-Chief

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